Drain and Water Line Location

If you are unsure where the drain lines or water pipes are located, whether in your yard or under the slab, Ashmel's Plumbing Company can help. Our state of the art equipment can pinpoint not only the location, but also the depth of the pipe. If a repair is needed, we know exactly where to start, saving you time and unnecessary expenses.


Ashmel's Plumbing has a complete pipe and plumbing camera system that allows us to see video footage inside your pipes. Sometimes you just need to visualize what you are working with to get a good accurate estimate. This helps eliminate plumbing guesswork, and locating the problem quickly leads to the right solution the first time.


If you've been thinking about doing some work to your home, maybe expanding, adding an additional room, or anything that will involve new work in-ground plumbing and need to detect exactly where your pipes are before you dig, then our camera system is the perfect solution. Give us a call and we will send over a plumber right away.

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Ashmel's Plumbing Company is a BBB Accredited Pumping Contractor in Atlanta, GA

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